I started GAMFeet.net in January 2015. In 2017, I am turning GAMFeet as my personal blog about male feet. My love about male feet, videos that I love, guys that I like and their feet. No more pressure from getting LIKES. This is simply a journal of my feet fetish.

我在2015年1月把GAMFeet.net正式上綫. 在2017年, 我將會將GAMFeet變為我的一個有關男足的blog, 記録了另我心動的帥哥和他們的美腳, 我喜愛的視頻. 每張相片可以有多少Like又或是foot model 受欢迎嗎對我來説已經不再重要了. 我只是想建一個屬於我自己的網誌.

I love touching someone's feet, holding it in my hand and stroking his bare sole. This is one of the best foreplay. Do you have any feet related foreplay to share? Click on the photo and share with us.

我很喜歡摸他的腳, 尤其輕輕的在他的腳㡳上摸著手. 我覺得這是一個很有意思的前戲. 你也有一些有關於腳的前戲可以分享嗎?請按相片跟大家分享

Do you agree feet licking is sexy and very turn on? Do you sometimes lick your own feet? I licked my own feet when i was 9 years old. CLICK the photo to read more

我總覺得舔腳是很性感的, 往往都會挑起我們的性慾. 我記得9歳的時候曾經給自己舔腳了. 你會舔自己的腳嗎? 按相片看更多

  • Model Gallery

    Jan 20, 2017 / 2017年1月20日: I started my diary with Ron | 今天開始了我跟Ron的日誌
    Jan 19, 2017/ 2017年1月19日: Sharing with my friends a few new photos from Jack. It’s really fun and erotic to see Jack taking off his shoes and walking barefoot on a street in Guangzhou. | 分享一些有關男神Jack光腳在廣州街上的照片

    * All models are over the age of 18 and agreed to model for GAMFeet.

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  • MasterClass Gallery

    This is the blog where I share more about myself, my thoughts and secrets. And you know what, I might be posting something very daring from time to time. Come and read my blog from time to time. I am introducing a HOT STUFF video on GAMFeet where I will share with fans some of my favourite Asian but non feet heavily shot video. And this video will only be posted for 24 hours. October 25: I just added a foot play report with Richard from Singapore. Let me know if you like to see more.
    我跟大家分亨更多有關我自己的一個Blog, 一些對事物的感覺, 更多有關我內心的分享, 而我也會用這個Blog放一些更出位的東西, 記得多留意啊! 今天加了Hot Stuff, 是一個我跟各位分享一些我喜歡但不是玩腳的熱爆視頻,每次視頻只會上線二十四小時。大家不妨可以立即到我的網站Blog頁看看。 10月25日: 新増了一個我跟Richard玩腳的相片. 地點為泰國曼谷.

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  • Foothought

    Jan 19: Do you sometimes lick your own feet? Any feet foreplay experience to share? Have you seen a good looking guy walking barefoot on the street? Your reaction? Do you remember your first time to lick feet or being licked? We can talk about 6-9, cum on face, or anything we like when flirting with someone. But how often are we comfortable to tell him the “feet” issue? What is your thought on this ?

    1月19日: 你會舔自己的腳嗎?有甚麼腳交的前戲經驗可以分亨? 有沒有遇見過一名帥哥光腳在街走路的情景? 還記得第一次舔腳的感覺嗎? 跟他可以無所不談, 口爆, 幹射, 但當要提及有關玩腳一事, 你的反應是? 跟各位交流一些心德.

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